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Pool Route Pros Sellers' Process

    At Pool Route Pros, Inc., we want to make the sale process to go smoothly for all parties involved. For our sellers it's very simple because in most cases, we usually have 1 - 3 buyers waiting in line for a route, most with experience. So if your at that point where your thinking about retiring, ready to trim off some accounts from your current route, or just looking for a career change and want to sell your route, you can easily download our master route sheet to be able to breakdown the accounts you are thinking about selling without giving any specifics about you or your actual customers. This assures how Pool Routes Pros, Inc. everything is confidential for you. Or you can just contact us directly to get an answer right away with any question(s) that you have.

    Once we receive the master route sheet back from you we are able to post your route on our ever growing website and get the specifics of your pool route out to our prospective buyers for their review to see what type of interest we can stir up for you. Once we have an interested party, we will pre-qualify them to make sure that they are legitimate before taking the next step with our seller to make sure no ones' time is wasted. Once confirmed, we will set up a ride a long on the pools for sale accordingly, depending on the scheduling of all separate parties.

    Once the ride a long takes place, terms are agreed upon, and our buyer would like to move forward, we will get a deposit from the buyer. The deposit is usually equivalent to two times (2x's) the monthly gross service income. By Pool Route Pros, Inc. retaining the deposit, it allows us to be able to secure the route and take it off the market for our seller and give them peace of mind knowing their pool route is sold. It is at that point we will confirm a take over date for the pool route, as well as schedule training for the buyer, if any is required.

    Pool Route Pros Inc., will provide sample notification letters to the seller that will eventually go out to the customers at the appropriate time to assure a smooth transition. Seller will be paid in full on or before the day that the pool route is taken over, or the day training starts, whichever is applicable. The seller will have funds in hand before any pools are transferred ownership.

(Many of our sellers require certain pool route criteria with their sale i.e. can't train, reduced day guarantee period, experience only, no work offs, firm purchase price, etc. If you have specific needs for your route sale, just let us know and we are happy to oblige.)