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Route ID: 959 # of Accounts: 51 Price: $91,760.00
Location: Orange, Ca Status: active
Cities: Orange, Cowan Heights

Route Info

  • # of Accounts : 51
  • # of Residential : 51
  • # of Commerical : 0
  • Gross Month : $5,735.00
  • Times : 16
  • Years Est: 7+ years
  • Price: $91,760.00

Route Details

  • Filter: $110.00
  •    -How often: As Needed
  • Conditioner : $160.00
  •    -How often: As Needed
  • Other Charges : Algaecide
    Amount : $95.00
    Time :As Needed

Additional Info

  • Type Listing : PSR
  • Status : active
  • Vacation : 2 weeks
  • Service Days : M - F
  • Bill Software : Wise
  • Billing Cycle : 1st
  • Auto cleaner: 36%

Additional Info

Turnkey route! Seller is finally ready to retire and sell his very well established and close knit accounts that he has built up so nicely over the last 30 years since he started the business. Minimal driving time as the accounts are tight and the seller has already gotten rid of any slow payers or problematic clients so just a solid client base without any headaches. Nice above average rates with awesome amounts charged for all the extras throughout the year with 90% of the pools being, smaller, cherry pools that are all dialed in with many having auto cleaners as well to make life easy and your service time quick. Seller currently has a tech that does all of the service and a few of the repairs that can go with the sale if the buyer desires, seller would love to keep him employed if possible and he is an extremely dependable worker that has been with him for over 20+ years and would love to continue working for the new owner as well. Total gross sales for last year for service and repairs was $130k.

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