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Route ID: 957 # of Accounts: 44 Price: $257,600.00
Location: Monterey, CA Status: active
Cities: Monterey, Carmel Valley, Salinas, Pebble Beach

Route Info

  • # of Accounts : 44
  • # of Residential : 44
  • # of Commerical : 0
  • Gross Month : $16,100.00
  • Times : 16
  • Years Est: 3-4 years
  • Price: $257,600.00

Route Details

  • Filter: $200.00
  •    -How often: As Needed
  • Conditioner : $0.00
  •    -How often: As Needed
  • Other Charges : As Needed
    Time :As Needed

Additional Info

  • Type Listing : PSR
  • Status : active
  • Vacation : 4 weeks
  • Service Days : M - Th
  • Bill Software : QuickBooks
  • Billing Cycle : 1st

Additional Info

WOW WOW WOW is all we can say about this new gem!!! This route includes 37 of the most extremely pristine you will ever see for sale. It is set up to be an ideal one man show while giving yourself 3 day weekends and not having to work full time at all, but is also in the perfect scenario to really be able to explode the size and income on it as well! One huge perk about this route is the fact that there are very few "pool guys" in the area at all so with the right marketing and drive one could take this route to the next level by adding more and more accounts, drastically increasing the revenue. It is for this reason that our seller is able to get absolutely phenomenal monthly rates with the average for pools at $416, and for spas at $174. In order to make life easier for both our seller and the his customers, he has made his business model have the additional chemicals the accounts needs be included with the monthly rate to where the only thing he needs to charge extra for (besides repairs) are the filter cleans that he does annually at $200 per currently. This really is the opportunity of a lifetime for the right buyer in the area looking to have an amazing business that has tons of room for growth or for the person looking for some incredible income without having to kill themselves. Contact PRP today!

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