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Guaranteed Accounts

    With any business investment you make in life, one of the most important things is making sure that it will be profitable and successful. One of the greatest things about buying a pool route compared to many other business ventures, is that you will start making consistent residual income every month from the first month you take over your new pool route purchase. Then main reason for this is that you are buying guaranteed accounts that are very well established. At Pool Route Pros, Inc. we focus on selling accounts that been established for at least a one year period, and in most cases, our routes for sale have been established anywhere from two to six (2 - 6) years on average. You are NEVER buying brand new accounts with your pool route purchase from us!

    This is what gives Pool Route Pros, Inc. the ability to put a guarantee period on every pool route purchased through our company. What that means to you as a buyer is that when you purchase a pool route through Pool Route Pros Inc, we automatically hold back ten percent (10%) of the final purchase price in a non-interest bearing trust account for a period normally sixty to ninety (60 - 90) days. During that guarantee period, if any accounts discontinue due to buyers performance, then the account is lost. However, if an account is lost during the guarantee period and it is not due to buyers performance, then the seller is responsible to replace the cancellation with another account of equal or greater value. If the seller has no more accounts available to replace the account lost, then the buyer would be reimbursed in monetary comensation from the trust account once the guarantee period is up.

Guarantee Period Clause

    GUARANTEE In the event that any customers(s) designated in the service accounts listed in Exhibit 1 discontinue service for reasons not due to buyer's performance on the account before and to include (guarantee period ending date), seller shall replace each discontinued account with an account of comparable value within thirty(30) days. Each replacement account will be located within a ten (10) mile radius of the discontinued account. If no replacement account is available, seller will refund under this section the value of the discontinued account, which shall be determined by the multiplying said account times purchased (X's) less any money received by the buyer. Both parties agree that the agent for seller shall not be personally responsible for the arbitration or repayment under the guarantee.

    There is nothing greater than being able to buy a successful business that you know will continue to be successful in the future, as long as the general business structure and service stays in place. That is why Pool Route Pros, Inc. only sells pool routes that have guaranteed and established accounts with longevity.